Foundation Register

IPA is pleased to have had the generous support of many individuals who have registered the names of their ancestors and friends in celebration of the contribution of immigration to Australia. These names will be incorporated into the new design for Immigration Place.

We are truly grateful for the significant contributions of our Foundation Members and thank them wholeheartedly for their support.

All Registered Names

Name Country of Origin Year of Arrival
Anthony Horton England 1951
Anthony Lanassa Italy 1899
Anthony Papaconstuntinos Kalymnos Greece 1955
Anthony Rolfe England 1849
Anthony Stokes Ireland 1859
Anthony Vassallo Malta 1961
Anthony Winterbotham England 1967
Anthony Xuereb Malta Oct-67
Anthony Witham England 1984
Anthony Faure Kenya 1965
Anthony Costigan England 1974
Anthony Jeeves Burma 1974
Anthony Parnell England 1950
Anthony Xuereb Gozo/Malta 1965
Anthony McMenim United Kingdom 1992
Anthony Codling England 1960
Anthony Constable England 1978
Anthony Adcock England 1949
Anthony Waters England 1963
Anthoula Kreskas Greece 1950
Antica Santich Croatia 1926
Antoanetta Ivanova Bulgaria 1994
Antoine Schultz France (Former colony of Senegal) 1972
Antoinetta Romano Italy 1931
Antoinette Blom Holland 1953
antoinette van ruth holland 1957
Anton Bibo Germany 1873
Anton Duskovic Croatia 1959
Anton Gablonski Prussia 1881
Anton Hegyesi Hungary 1949
Anton Kekel Czechoslovakia 1949
Anton Pavlic Yugoslavia 1960
Anton Tamas Austria 1951
Anton Vrcek Croatia 1966
Anton Finsterer Germany 1951 (Jennings German)
Antonella Salpietro Italy 1987
Antoni Krol Poland 1950
Antonia Casha Malta 1951
Antonia Di Scerni Italy 1949
Antonia Foscaro-Lorenzin Italy 1948
Antonia Marina Spain 1961
Antonia Santilli Italy 1957
Antonia Tys The Netherlands 1952
Antonia Hagenvoort Holland 1951
Antonie Van Duijneveldt Holland 1956
Antonietta Sollazzo S. Ilario Ionio RC Italy 11/14/1965
Antonietta Zito (Tricarico) Italy 1953
Antonietta Alvarez (née Padula) Italy 1954
Antonija Karklins Latvia 1950
Antonin Holan Czechoslovakia 1949
Antonin Froelich Czechoslovakia 1952
Antonino Agnello Italy 1962
Antonino Esposito Italy 1967
Antonino Santamaria Sicily c1959
Antonino Spizzica Italy 1927
Antonino Tesoriero Italy 1927
Antonino Vassallo Italy 1927
Antonio Antonucci Italy 6/10/55
Antonio Bohua Fernandez Spain 1993
Antonio Caputo Italy Jan-60
Antonio D'Adam Italy 1922
Antonio D'Ermilio Italy 1954
Antonio De Luise Italy 1953
Antonio deMarco Italy 1951
Antonio Di Campli Italy 2/08/61
Antonio Di Scerni Italy 1949
Antonio Fascianelli Italy 1957
Antonio Gallo Italy 1952
Antonio Garcia Ruiz Spain 1963
Antonio Gobbo Italy 1938
Antonio Iannello Italy 1955
Antonio Marrapodi Italy 1949
Antonio Masseni Italy 1952
Antonio Mattia Italy 1956
Antonio Nardi Italy 6-Apr-53
Antonio Pachi Italy 1952
Antonio Palombi Italy c1955
Antonio Panaioli Italy c1953
Antonio Pellegrino Italy 1955
Antonio Perillo Italy 1963
Antonio Perusco Italy 1950
Antonio Pintos-Lopez Argentina 1976
Antonio Scungio Italy c1957
Antonio Tarquinio Italy 1954
Antonio Tarulli Italy 1955
Antonio (Nino) Fresta Sicily 1949
Antonio (Toni) Caichiolo Italy c 1922
Antonio (Tony) Bertollo Italy 1968
Antonio (Tony) Cappello Cavaso, Italy 18-Sep-49
Antonio Bresolin Italy 1949
Antonio Guglielmin Treviso, Italy 1961
António Gomes PORTUGAL 1970
Antonio Misajon Philippines 1975
Antonio Reginato Italy 1955
Antonio Larobina Italy 1953