Foundation Register

IPA is pleased to have had the generous support of many individuals who have registered the names of their ancestors and friends in celebration of the contribution of immigration to Australia. These names will be incorporated into the new design for Immigration Place.

We are truly grateful for the significant contributions of our Foundation Members and thank them wholeheartedly for their support.

All Registered Names

Name Country of Origin Year of Arrival
Anna Angelopoulos Greece 1961
Anna Assel Croatia 1959
Anna Barbi (nee Venera Parisi) Italy 1929
Anna Bouris Egypt 1951
Anna Bugledich Hungary 1950
Anna Camarotto Italy 1967
Anna Caruso Italy 1933
Anna Di Guglielmo (nee Guerra) Italy 1949
Anna Ficovic Croatia 1969
Anna Flask Malta 1966
Anna Ingevics Latvia 1949
Anna Kashubskaya Russia 2002
Anna Luciani Italy 1957
Anna Lustri (nee Trimboli) Italy 1954
Anna Maver Mocnik Slovenia April 11th, 1965
Anna Pellegrino (nee Iovannella) Italy 1958
Anna Plesa Croatia 1959
Anna Pluta Poland 1992
Anna Pohl (née Padula) Italy 1954
Anna Scarpato Italy 1960
Anna Tsoulias (nee Kalogris) Greece 3/10/70
Anna Zacharko Ukraine 21-May-49
Anna Kleinschmidt Netherlands 1950
Anna Di Bartolomeo (m. Cassiani) Italy 2/06/60
Anna Cox England 1960
Anna Vandenberg (nee Bakker) Netherlands 1952
Anna Witham Zimbabwe 1984
Anna Fung Hong Kong 1980
Anna de Leeuw Netherlands 1952
Anna Gonzalez (nee Fonollosa) Spain 1973
Anna Lorencz Austria 1949
Anna Nakaric Germany 1950
Anna Raynes in Viale England 6/27/1984
Anna Maria Italiano Italy 1953
Anna Wils-Scharte Netherlands 1950
Anna Azzopardi Egypt 1950
Anna-Gabriella Pasztor Hungary 1957
Anna-Lisa Kemp England c1952
Anna-Maria Adelsk̦ld Sweden 1886
Anna-Maria Pasztor (nee Kavassy) Hungary 1957
Annamaria Andriolo Italy 1952
Annamaria Suttorini Italy 1959
Anne Davies Wales c1855
Anne Fackerell England 1968
Anne Folger-Pleuger Germany 2002
Anne Gifford England 1888
Anne Keenan Scotland c1924
Anne Kinsela Ireland 1853
Anne Stone England 1925
Anne 'Nanou' Cornuau-Owen France 1996
Anne Collins (née Martin) Ireland 1839
Anne Sahlin United States of America 1969
Anne Rehwinkel Germany 1953
Anne Bedford England 2007
Anne Tiemann Germany 1981
Anne Hattersley England 1973
Anne Harding England Jan6,1950
Anne Harding (m. Viney) England Jan6,1950
Anne Breese England 1949
Anne-Marie Meszes Austria 1950
Annechien Schoenmaker (m. Howe) Netherlands 1951
Anneliese Katalinic Germany 1950
Annerose Hickey-Koella Switzerland via England 1969
Annet (Rietdijk) Maurer Canada, Netherlands 2001
Annette Brodersen Denmark 1968
Annette Devonshire German Democratic Republic 1990
Annette (Anne) Whelehan (m. Milikins) Ireland 1963
Annette Maidment England 1981
Anni Hillitzer Germany 1956
Anni Lutzke Germany 1954
Annie Cryer England 1950
Annie Gosling (nee Baslam) Vanuatu c1881
Annie Tasker England 1953
Annie GREAVES Scotland 1925
Annie Parton England 1882
Annie Collins New Zealand 1998
Annie Crutchfield USA 1971
Annie Mitchell Scotland 1876
Annie Gablonski Prussia 1881
Annie Butcher England Jan6,1950
Annikki Saarikoski Finland 1959
Annis ROBERTS England 1968
Annita Paloni Italy 1961
Annunziata Macri-Bencich Italy 1965
Anoma Ramasundara Sri Lanka 1987
Anotoly Danylenko Ukraine 1949
Anselm Stollwitzer Austria 1960
Anselmo pandolfini italy 1925
Ante Gnjec Croatia 1964
Ante Markezic Croatia 1963
Ante Milardovic Croatia 1960
Anthonius Verhoef Netherlands 1960
Anthony Auditore Italy 1952
Anthony Azzopardi-Bottiglieri Malta 1970
Anthony Bakas Greece 1961
Anthony Barbara Malta 1963
Anthony Brazil Ireland 1875
Anthony Gerada Malta 1955