Foundation Register

IPA is pleased to have had the generous support of many individuals who have registered the names of their ancestors and friends in celebration of the contribution of immigration to Australia. These names will be incorporated into the new design for Immigration Place.

We are truly grateful for the significant contributions of our Foundation Members and thank them wholeheartedly for their support.

All Registered Names

Name Country of Origin Year of Arrival
Andrew Connell Scotland 1961
Andrew Simon Singapore 1996
Andrew Faulconbridge England 2000
Andrew Robson England 1984
Andrew Eric Garingalao Philippines 1999
Andrew Campbell Scotland 1972
Andrew Worthington England 1969
Andrew Wong Hong Kong 1979
Andrew Stone England 1952
Andrew Lavelle England 1979
Andrew Moore Scotland 1969
Andrew Woodley-Beattie England 1994
Andrew MacInnes India 1968
Andrew Butcher England 1993
Andrew Hutson England 1981
Andrew Thornley New Zealand 1976
Andrzej Magolan Poland 1991
Andrzej Wozniak Poland 1981
Andy McLintock Scotland 1959
Andy Vita Hungary 1949
Anelide Passador (nee Manias) Italy 1959
Angel Marina Spain 1961
Angel Marina (Senior) Spain 1961
Angela Chambers Slovenia 1967
Angela Colavecchio Italy 1959
Angela Feliu Spain 1962
Angela Fenwick England 1960
Angela Stokes England 1998
Angela Vassallo(nee Arcidiacono) Italy 1927
Angela & Rino Zanetti Italy 1956
Angela Ninham England 1964
Angela Watson England 1966
Angela Ciantar England 1970
Angela Tang China 1993
Angela Barry England 1959
Angela Clancy Ireland 1970
Angela Shargorodsky USSR 1992
Angele Faure Uganda 1965
Angelika Scheld Germany 1958
Angeliki Nikias nee Mastoris Greece 1964
Angeliki Triantopoulos Greece 1960
Angelina Armanasco Italy 1905
Angelina Colbertaldo Treviso, Italy 1961
Angelina Zanetti Italy c1956
Angelina Alvarez Arranz Spain 1961
Angelo Ambrosio Italy 1958
Angelo Boccola Italy 1956
Angelo Buffon Italy 1927
Angelo Fallace Italy 1956
Angelo Iacuone Italy 1927
Angelo Masiello Italy 1952
Angelo Muguira Basque, Spain c1939
Angelo Neluschi Argentina 1971
Angelo Paloni Italy 1961
Angelo Pellegrino Italy 1958
Angelo Romano Italy 1931
Angelo Stramarcos Greece 1955
Angelo Negro Italy 1929
Angelo Minato Italy 1949
Angelo Galea Gozo Malta 1952
Angelo Giorgio Italy 1956
Angelo Scerri Malta 1954
Angelo Lunazzi Italy 1950
Angus Falconer Rhodesia 9/19/1973
Ania Siemienowicz (Dulak) Poland 1964
Ania Malarz Poland 1981
Anica Damjanovska (m. Sinadinovska) Macedonia 1989
Anica Eaton (nee Hren) Yugoslavia 1949
Anica Vukalovic Croatia 1969
Aniko Pieber Hungary 1957
anita lamb england 1950
Anita Gaczol (nee Wilhelm) Germany 1956
Anita Hiscock (m. Tompsett) England 1974
Anita Spaks (m. Krumins-Strauss) Latvia 1949
Anju Thukral India 1991
Anka Makovec Slovenia 1962
Anker Brodersen Denmark 1968
Ann Benson England, Great Britain 1822
Ann Breese Scotland 1949
Ann Carey (Gilbert/Feutrill) Norwich, Norfolk, ENGLAND 1790
Ann Clarke England 1971
Ann James (nee Ivamy) England 1855
Ann Litchfield England 1852
Ann Pethick Cornwall 18 Dec 1839
Ann Swifte (nee DUXBURY) England 1950
Ann Trevaskis England 1849
Ann (Annie) Jones Wales c1879
Ann (Nancy) Cusack (nee Collins) Ireland 1841
Ann Blackwood Scotland 1919
Ann Nicholson Scotland 1957
Ann Tindale England 2005
Ann MacKenzie Scotland 1956
Ann Rowthorn England 1964
Ann Aichroy England 1972
Ann Quirie (m. Partridge) Scotland 1954
Anna Alphenaar Holland 1954