Foundation Register

IPA is pleased to have had the generous support of many individuals who have registered the names of their ancestors and friends in celebration of the contribution of immigration to Australia. These names will be incorporated into the new design for Immigration Place.

We are truly grateful for the significant contributions of our Foundation Members and thank them wholeheartedly for their support.

All Registered Names

Name Country of Origin Year of Arrival
'Vic' Veikko Spannari Finland 1958
"Filine" Marie Jeanne Gisele Jonas Mauritius 1973
150 young carpenters to build Canberra's Housing arrived in Canberra 1951/52 1951/52
A Brooker South Africa 1999
A. Walfrid Blomqvist Finland 1927
Aaltje Oosterveen Holland 1954
Aarne Spannari Finland 1958
Aaron Adsett England 1851
Aase Brodersen Denmark 1968
Abdul Sahu-Khan Fiji Islands 1963
Abdul Khaliq Fazal Afghanistan 1972
Abel Pracas Mozambique 1979
Abigail Gourgon Canada 2001
Abraham Andrews England 1838
Abraham Hayman England c1862
Abraham Pethick Cornwall 18 Dec 1839
Abraham Rooks Castle Camps, Cambridge, England 1857
Abraham SCHOEVERS Netherlands 1955
Abraham van der Kaag Netherlands 1951
Abraham Waddell Scotland 1925
Achille Sergi Italy 1956
Adam Siausc Croatia 1965
Adam Malarz Poland 1981
adel imlahi morocco 1970
Adel Attia Egypt 1984
Adele Bresolin Italy 1953
Adelina Di Scerni Italy 1950
Adibeh Abdo - Attia Syria 1977
Adolf Kuchnicki Poland c1947
Adolf Zender Germany 1960
Adolfo Franco Sicily 1960
Adonino Sanchez Spain 1960
Adriaan Westende The Netherlands 1953
Adriaan Boon Indonesia 1950
Adrian De Vries Netherlands 1950
Adrian Olsen South Africa 2000
Adrian (Adrianus) van Hamond Netherlands Mar-53
Adriana Cashmore (nee de Vries) Netherlands 1955
Adriana Taylor-Prent (formerly Obdeyn) Netherlands 25-Feb-55
Adriana Di Giulio Argentina 1974
Adriana den Elzen (m. van Heerwaarden) The Netherlands 1952
Adriano Passador Italy 1958
Adrianus van den Boogaard The Netherlands 1953
Aert Driessen Hong Kong 1952
Agapitos Dimitrios Greece 1914
Agatha Maisano Italy 1968
Aghira Tsakalos Macedonia 1947
Agnes Magyar Yugoslavia 1951
Agnes Moran Ireland 1973
Agnes Neary Northern Ireland 1863
Agnes Vassallo (Zahra) Malta 1965
Agnes (Nancy) Hunter Scotland 1952
Agnes Rücker Germany 1963
Agneta Albert Germany 06/12/1848
Agnieszka Iwasiw Poland 1983
Agnieszka Byzdra Poland 2004
Agostino Ambrosi Italy 1952
Agostino Tarulli Italy 1959
Ah Kui KOK Negara Brunei Darussalam 1988
Ahafia Hermanowicz Ukraine 1949
Ahmed Imran Bangladesh 2002
Aileen Caldwell Scotland 1971
Akber Alamyar Afghanistan 1977
Alak Jha India 1991
Alan Grimbaldeston England 1971
Alan HOBSON England 1949
Alan Ringland Northern Ireland 1989
Alan Stewart England 1923
Alan Tindale England 2005
Alan Wade England 1953
Alan Wellstead England 20-Jul-51
Alan Phillips India 1987
Alan Stone England c1961
Alan Burdon England 2000
Alan Sim Scotland 1991
Alan Knight England 1973
Alan Roshier England 1951
Alan Cope Wales 1970
Alan Roderick New Zealand c1973
Alan Tasker England 1953
Alan Finnie Scotland 1968
Alastair Bridges Scotland 1946
Alba Salvestrin Italy 1950
Alberdina Dijkstra (m. Van Den Brink) Netherlands 1955
Albert Awadalla Egypt 1968
Albert Jordan Ireland 1952
Albert Kruger Germany 1885
Albert Mo Hong Kong 1994
Albert Oliver England 1955
Albert Peters Holland 1954
Albert & Johanna Domburg Netherlands 1953
Albert Tucker England 1870
Albert Schlüter Germany 1951
Albert Dyson N. Ireland c1959
Albert Sims snr. England 1913
Albert Cowmeadow England 1887
Albert Lammers Holland 1954