Foundation Register

IPA is pleased to have had the generous support of many individuals who have registered the names of their ancestors and friends in celebration of the contribution of immigration to Australia. These names will be incorporated into the new design for Immigration Place.

We are truly grateful for the significant contributions of our Foundation Members and thank them wholeheartedly for their support.

All Registered Names

Name Country of Origin Year of Arrival
William Aylott United Kingdom 1957
William Kilburn United Kingdom c1912
William Smail Scotland 1966
William Watkins Wales 1957
William Barry England 1959
William Hockley England 1884
William Dean England 1910
William Finch England 1964
William Gamble England 1946
William Burton England 1867
William Hughes England 1860
William Smart Scotland c1923
William Mitchell Cornwall c1860
William Blevin Ireland 1841
William Gregory England 1911
William Mincher England 1964
William O'Donnell Ireland c1865
William Thiedeman Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1961
William Peters England 1828
William Nicholson Scotland 1957
William Tatchell England 1994
William Perring Devon, England 1962
William Marchant England 1840
William Taylor London, England 1874
William Chancellor England 1858
William Lean Cornwall c 1870
William Pratt England 1927
William Ellis Scotland 1965
William Muirhead Scotland 1908
William Skinner Scotland c1864
William Mathason Sweden 1857
William Dwyer Ireland 1840
William Heithersay England 1851
William Thompson England 1956
William Warnock Scotland 1948
William Wait England c1878
William Corby England 1836
William Stark Scotland 1924
William Gibbins England 1958
Willibald HUETTNER Austria 1960
Willy Anlauf Germany 1951
Willy Van Duijneveldt-Toor Holland 1956
Winefred Jenkins New Zealand 1915
Wing (Bill) Foy Canton, China c1908
Winifred Cutler England 1958
Winifred Martin India 1971
winifred willard england 1967
Winifred Hinton England 1921
Winnie Talbot England 1956
Winnifred Malcolm South Africa c1974
Winston (Bert) Moore New Zealand 1964
Winston Rodrigues India 1973
Wladyslaw Kindras Poland 1949
Wladyslaw Kosak Belarus 1949
Wladyslaw Piekarz Poland 1950
Wladyslawa Rozdoba Poland 1992
Wlastimir Djordjewitsch Yugoslavia 1949
Wojciech Pluta Poland 1992
Wolf Wiegand Germany 1964
Wolfgang Sadlo Germany 16-Oct-54
Wolfgang Schraenkler Germany C1951
Wolfgang Wanjura Germany 1959
Wolfgang Zolker Germany 1958
Wolfgang Fasold Germany 1959
Wolfgang Hoffmeister Germany 1967
Wolfgang Frick Austria Jun-61
Wouter Loos the Netherlands 1629
Wouter Van de Voorde Belgium 2008
Wynand Van Der El Netherlands 1952
Xenoulla Michael Cyprus 1958
Xiangyu Zhang China 2000
Xing Chen China 1984
Yaacov Bar-Tor Israel 1985
Yanyun Qian China 1990
Yasmeen Mohummadally Pakistan 1980
Yasser Shahin Palestine 1984
Yembeh Mansaray Sierra Leone 2002
Yerdan Bekkhozhin Kazakhstan 2002
Yianni & Paraskevi Hondromatidis Greece 1954
Yiannis Karapatsas Greece 1953
Yildiz Suzen Turkey 1974
Yin Cheng Smart Malaysia 1960
Yip Yong Cheong Malaysia 1987
Yolande Gibbons India 1969
Yook Foong Teo Malaysia 1978
Yook-Tau Pang Malaysia 1967
Youssef Francis Lebanon 1970
Yudi Djalal Indonesia 1989
Yup Boy (Vivienne) Ong Malaysia 1987
Yveline MARTIN France 1985
Yves Quaglio France 1977
Yvette Alberti-Devlin Italy 1964
Yvette Awad Lebanon 1968
Yvette Petricevic (Bingham) England 23-Mar-70
Yvonne Engelman Czech Republic 1948
Yvonne Maarse Netherlands 1970
Yvonne Faure Kenya 1965