Foundation Register

IPA is pleased to have had the generous support of many individuals who have registered the names of their ancestors and friends in celebration of the contribution of immigration to Australia. These names will be incorporated into the new design for Immigration Place.

We are truly grateful for the significant contributions of our Foundation Members and thank them wholeheartedly for their support.

All Registered Names

Name Country of Origin Year of Arrival
Willem Pennings Netherlands 1950
Willem van den Akker Netherlands 1959
Willem van Warmelo South Africa 1994
Willem Barnaart Netherlands East Indies 9/14/1947
Willem, Meta, Willem & Meikie FLACH Dutch East Indies, Singapore & Holland 26-Jan-63
Willi Michalski Germany 1955
Willi Schmakeit Germany 1954
Willi Carney nee Bosch Nederland 1951
William Absolom England 1836
William Albertson Denmark 1856
William Anderson Scotland 1-Dec-55
William Anderson Ireland 1840
william annett england 1852
William Attree England 1855
William Battersby Ireland 26/03/1829
William Beaven England 1835
William Blades England 1857
William Blyton England 1820
William Brown England c1828
William Brownbill United Kingdom 1850
William Burrow England 1852
William Clarson England 1854
William Coupland England 1859
William Cowper England 1809
William Craig Scotland 1837
William Dickens England 1840
William Dunshea Ireland 1818
William Edwards England 1856
William Ezzy England 1792
William Ezzy England 1792
William Forward England 1829
William Fung Hong Kong 1980
William Geals Scotland 1924
William Green Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, England 1849
William Gullick England 1857
William Hamilton Scotland 1956
William Hay Scotland 1839
William Heague England 1965
William Hegarty Scotland 1959
William Hutchison Scotland c1850
William James England 1855
William Jamieson Scotland 1839
William Jenkins Wales 1924
William Johnstone England 1842
William Kay-Smith England 26-Oct-25
William Kilsby England 1850
William Lawrence England c1856
William Manwaring England 1857
William Martin England 1871
William Melling England 1974
William Nicholson Scotland 1957
William Penaluna England 1866
william perkins india 1968
William Pierce England 1973
William Rayner England c1836
William Rooke England 1912
William Sampson Cornwall, England 1847
William Simpson Jamaica 1877
William Southwell England 1842
William Stevens England 1856
William Szuch Ukrainian 1950
William Taylor England 1954
William Thorn England 1852
william timbs buckinghamshire England 1839
William Trewin England 1853
William Vallack England 1826
William Walker England 1961
William Wilson Berwick, Scotland 1823
William Alexander Scotland 24/09/1858
William (Bill) MacDonald Scotland 1-Mar-51
William Flynn Ireland 1890
William HUNT England c1830
William van Beers The Netherlands 1956
William Littlechild England 1954
William McWhir Scotland 1965
William Watson England 1966
William Ord Scotland 1910
William Stennett England 1951
William Orchard England 1895
William Atkin Ireland 1842
William Day England 1974
William Gakas Lithuania 1948
William Thiedeman Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1961
William Spicer England 1849
William Wallis England c1852
William Douglas Scotland c1888
William Tiley England 1866
William WILSON Scotland 1875 (11 July ex "Fifeshire")
William Sinclair England (Salford) c1961
William SANDFORD England c1911
William Irvine Shetland Islands 1928
William Collins Jnr United States of America 2001
William Cowmeadow England 1886
William Garrad India 1973
William Kenyon England 1952
William McLean Scotland 1961
William Robb Northern Ireland 1853
William Weston England 1817
William Baker Walthamstow, Essex, ENGLAND 1815